Wednesday, July 11, 2012

POLISHED: Billie Cosmetics' Nail Polish in "Fuschia"

i must admit i picked up this color because of Jersey Shore. yes i know i knowwww... it's just that the color looked so good on JWoww...
i've only ever found Billie Cosmetics at Dollar Giant. this nail polish cost me $1.25 and i hadn't found a neon pink that was so bright before so i quickly snatched it up.
i just realized that even though i've always thought of myself as a pretty good speller, when it comes to the name of this polish, i keep getting stumped! i get the ugly red squiggly line when i type it the way it is spelled on the polish: "Fuschia" (which i thought was right). the computer wants me to spell it like this: "Fuchsia". hmmmmmmmmmmm.

anyway, the photos here do not do this neon pink justice. it looks more red in the swatches than it actually is. "Fuschia 17-3" (14 mL) is too powerful of a neon for my camera to capture it properly (check out the font to get a better idea! haha).
 artificial light

natural light

i found this particular nail polish a little hard to work with. it dried matte so i found it a bit too streaky for my taste. but i heard somewhere before that all neons dry matte (correct me if i'm wrong). i did 3 coats, each time putting on a thicker layer, hoping for the streaks to go away. it did look better when it dried completely (dries rather fast too).

i did not put on a top coat (since i have so many nail polishes to swatch!). it chipped the same day so i think it would be a better idea to do so next time. i tested on one nail and the top coat seemed to make it slightly shinier.
removal was a pain because it stained the edges of my nails making it really hard to get off.

i ended up really liking the color since it was so bright and flashy. i noticed my nails every time i moved my hands. it definitely is a fun bold color. too bad it didn't last too long but now i know a top coat is necessary. i feel that the polish is not bad for the price i paid, but i may need to try a few more (possibly non-neons) to make a more informed decision. by the way, Billie Cosmetics' polishes are toluene and formaldehyde free.

have you taken part in the neon nail craze yet? what's your favorite neon?


  1. I like it! But i'm always hesitant to buy nail polishes from the dollar store


    1. thanks! i was reluctant at first but i thought trying one bottle at $1.25 wasn't too bad

  2. Ok, you had me puzzling over the word "Fuchsia" for like the longest time!! Now, I don't know anymore! I would have spelled it your way too! From personal experience, most of the neons I have tried all dried matte. There must be something in the neon formula that makes it do that. This is a great colour though! I think my favourite neons so far have to be CG-Flirty Tankini and any of the Color Club ones in pink or purple!

    1. hahaha it's such a troublesome word!
      i Googled it and Fuchsia is the way to spell it - named after the guy who first described the color. but there is a special section under wiki for "Pronunciation and Spelling" so it is definitely a common problem.
      thanks for letting me know. i need to try more neons!! (which i got one in this month's Topbox!)


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