Tuesday, July 03, 2012

POLISHED: Maybelline Color Show Nail Lacquers

i'm back from my canoe trip and hellooooooo 50th post! i hope everyone had a fantastic Canada Day long weekend!

a few weeks ago, i picked up two colors from Maybelline's new line of nail polishes. there is the Color Show Collection (30 shades) as well as 3 branches from this: Denim (2), Metallic (4) and Shredded (4) Collections.
since i saw the post on their FB page, i liked the idea of a denim-looking nail polish. out of the two colors available, i chose the darker shade of blue - i prefer darker jeans anyway - "20 Styled Out".
there was such a wide array of colors in front of me and i could not tear away after picking just one. i was reaching for another pretty coral when i decided to go with something i do not already own. i decided on "420 Wine & Dined" which is from the regular Color Show Collection. i am grateful that my sister decided to pay for these, but her intentions may have been to get me out of there faster. these Maybelline's Color Show Nail Lacquers (7 mL) were $2.96 from Wal-Mart.
the packaging reminds me of my GOSH nail polishes with the round bottle and round black cap. it was very cloudy out so i took a few pictures in an attempt to capture the color.
 top to bottom: Styled Out; Wine & Dined

left to right: natural light; artificial light 

"Styled Out" is a dark blue with a ton of white shimmer. for less than $3, i was surprised to see how it glided on like a dream. it was very easy to work with and i only needed one coat. just one!! if you wanted more opacity, you can go for two but it is unnecessary. it is also very chip-resistant and i'd recommend this for sure. my sister says it's "too blue" but i loveeee the color!
the removal process was also pretty easy. i thought that since it had shimmer it might be a problem but all you have to do is hold the cotton ball/pad on for a few seconds longer since the glitter does tend to linger after the color has rubbed off.

"Wine & Dined" is a very pretty and complicated color. depending on how you look at it, it can be a dark purple, a deep maroon, or a reddish-brown. this one required a few layers to get the same look as the color in the bottle. the first coat is too sheer and the second coat looks more brown than purple - still has some glitter to it but not enough. with 3 (and 4) coats, you can achieve the color. it may look dull in the pictures but when light hits it directly, you can see the range of orange and the purple glitters.

i'm sorry if it looks messy - i kept getting distracted after applying nail polish so this was probably the third time i had to start from square one. wear and removal is similar to "Styled Out". i was still wearing this color through camping and noticed afterwards that it looked like i applied a matte coat on top since it looked a lot duller than before. guess camping puts on a layer of dirt.

sooo i am really loving these polishes and will probably go back for more. have you tried these yet? and what did you guys do on your long weekend?
an instragram photo i took from my canoe trip:

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