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GLYMM BAG: July 2012

weird. i almost titled this post January 2012 instead of July. it does seem like the year is flying by though!
my Glymm bag arrived yesterday and as predicted, it's orange! i love orange but on the other hand, i do not know what to do with all these makeup bags! ideas anyone?

July's samples (with info taken from the Glymm site since there is no product card, boo): 

1) Mèreadesso Beautiful Body Balm 
This non-greasy, all over body balm, hand moisturizer and foot cream is the ideal skin solution for all skin types.

this is the second Mèreadesso product i've tried, the first being a "lip treat" from another Glymm bag (May 2012). the lotion smells something along the lines of musky lemons. personally, i'm not a huge fan of the smell but it does the job of moisturizing without leaving a greasy feeling. 
size: 30 mL
retail value: $54 (200 mL)

2) CyberDERM H2O Hydration 
This moisturizer will show your skin a good time. With more benefits than you can count, you can be sure to see some drastic results.

right after pulling out this box from the bag, i was confused. then i opened the box and i went from being confused to just being completely weirded out. these things look like syringes! and i absolutely hate needles. there's some faded lines (used to measure dosage) on the side which increases the likeness to an actual needle. there's also wording that says "Oral use only" which is very misleading (as well as calling themselves "the sunscreen company" when neither products turn out to be sunscreen related...)
it is a unique way of packaging their samples but it's just so very strange to me... 
anyway, enough freaking out over the packaging.
the company is actually Canadian, specifically from Ottawa, ON. there are two syringes - one is "H2O Hydration" and the other is "PM Anti-Age" (see #3). "H2O Hydration" can be used in the morning or at night. you take the blue cap off but be careful if it's the first time you're using it since the product immediately comes out without needing to press on the plunger. the moisturizer is unscented and feels nice on my skin.
size: N/A ... one syringe vial thing (lasts about 5 uses according to Glymm but i think it will last me a bit longer)
retail value: $60 (50 mL)

3) CyberDERM PM Anti-Age
Take a bold stance against physiological aggressors that age us with this powerful cream.

as the name suggests, it is to be used at night. i used it last night and it smells terrible!! the whole time i was putting it on my face, i was like "gross gross gross". it has a very strong herbal smell (sort of reminds me of Chinese medicine). i do not think i'll be attempting this again.
size: N/A ... same as above ~ 5 uses
retail value: $115 (50 mL) ... which is almost twice as much as the one above!

4) MANE TEEZE Hair Perfume in "Social Butterfly"
Summer is a busy time for pretty socialites like you, so bring this hair perfume along with you when you need that little boost of luxury.

upon visiting the website for this company, you find their advertising slogan in large pink font: "EAT MY HAIR". seriously LOL.
MANE TEEZE is created by two Canadian ladies (T&M) and comes in two other scents for your hair: "Haut Mess" and "Black Widow". ***spoiler alert*** on their FB page, T&M says to "watch for our other two delicious signature scents in next GLYMM bags".

according to their site, 3 sprays and it's enough to last you 12 hours. the scent is a very strong vanilla and even with just 3 sprays i felt it was a little overpowering (smells good though). i'd prefer to use just 2 sprays next time. i like the idea but i'm not sure if i need a perfume specifically for my hair. especially since i don't expect my hair to smell bad... guess it's still a good idea to refresh mid-day when it seems like your other perfume has faded. Glymm says there is about 50 sprays in the sample so it should last you about 16 days!
size: 8 mL
retail value: $34 (50 mL)

5) Joico K-Pak Revitaluxe Bio-Advanced Restorative Treatment
This luxury hair treatment is clinically proven to instantly correct damage and protect against future damage.

the treatment is to be used on clean wet hair and rinsed off after 3-4 minutes. it's a slightly peachy colored creme and leaves my hair feeling extremely soft (it felt soft immediately after as well as 12 hours after!). this product will definitely be used up since the ends of my hair are quite (err...severely) damaged.
size: 50 mL
retail value: $25 (150 mL)

i like this month's Glymm bag - lots of variety in products. while i'm excited to try a few of them (the hair perfume is interesting and the Joico K-Pak treatment really works), i'm not a fan of the scents of certain products.
how do you feel about your Glymm this month?
also stay tuned for a semi-annual report card on the beauty box subscription companies coming up very soon!!


  1. Hmm, I haven't gotten mine yet, but the hair perfume sounds interesting. It's nice that Glymm is introducing us to some Canadian companies. I always wonder where they are ;-)

    1. yes the hair perfume is nice but my first try at it didn't last that long. i'm interested to read your review (especially about the CyberDerm products) haha

  2. Great review! I haven't tried out the PM cream from Cyberderm, but now I'm a bit apprehensive about the smell. At least the other cream from them doesn't have that scent.

    1. i want to know what you think of it! i know a few people on FB mentioned that they thought it smelled bad but i wonder if other people would have the same reaction as me hahaha

  3. This is not a bad month for Glymm- I agree, the variety is great. I have the Mèreadesso body balm and it is okay but nothing special, especially for the price!


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