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BEAUTY BOX 5: August 2012

so last month's BB5 was sent via UPS rather than USPS (for July anyway) and i found that it was much faster. i could have sworn that they used UPS before but we got a special email saying that August's box was shipped using UPS so who knows..

the box says it was sent on August 17th and my dad picked up the mail on the 28th so it was the first time i've received it before the next month rolled along.

check out August's box (it seems that a few ladies and i received doubles of two of the following items; thanks for extras!):

1) Blum Naturals Pro Age Daily Cleansing Towelette - this is evidence that Beauty Box 5 is picking up their game! they have stepped away from sending out only 1 one-use sample and now there's 3! hooray! now we can actually test the product out.
size: 1 towelette x 3
retail value: $3.99 (10 towelettes)

2) H2O Plus Marine Calm Restorative Eye Cream - i have quite the stash of eye creams now and they're the kind of product where you have to use them over a long period in order to be able to reap the benefits. this one has an almost undetectable scent which is great for those that are sensitive. it's 3 key ingredients are: Japanese green tea, Paraguay tea and aloe vera.
size: 4 mL (accident: x 2)
retail value: $32 (15 mL)

3) Ferro Cosmetics Sheer Crystal Veil - this is a very small sample of the veil which makes it a bit difficult to apply with a brush since i can hardly grab any of the product. i wore it today and can't say there was anything noticeable about my skin (then again, it was cloudy and rainy today making it hard to see any illumination!). i like how the veil doesn't rely on shimmer or glitter.
see swatches below (the swatch of the veil is before blending it in).
size: ~ < 1 g
retail value: $19 (4 g)

4) Ellis Faas Creamy Lips in "L109 Pale Coffee" - it seems that many people are very excited about this product - personally, i have not heard of it before. on their main page, the company boasts the names of several celebrities that use their products (including Cate Blanchett).

there is no scent or taste to the product. the pen shape is very sleek and shiny - Ellis Faas actually sells their own special holders and clips. you turn the bottom of the pen to get more product but be warned that it takes more than 40 clicks to get it started. the applicator is a fuzzy sponge which i like the feeling of - it seems to help to smooth the color out on your lips.

the name of the actual shade can be found on the website. the site also explains how you can wear it two ways: full on or as a stain. you will see very soon why i much much prefer the stain version on myself. the color is described as "pale" but when placed on my pigmented lips, it takes on a rather dark tan brown. the color is very pigmented but i do not find it appealing on me at all - maybe it was a color of a bag or something but not on my lips. the closeup is not that horrible but if you saw my whole face with this lip color, you would know that when i say terrifying, i mean AGGGGHH!
(i'm sure it probably works better on skin tones that are not yellow-based).

before completely giving up on the color, i decided to try the stain technique - just putting on a little bit of the product and blending with your fingers (or blot for a matte stain).

still not a fan of the color but much better. the formula itself is in fact creamy and moisturizing but may be a bit too creamy. when you press your lips together, the product moves around so you end up having splotches on your lips. it's important that you do not do that to keep the application even but it's so hard to resist! it transfers easily when eating or drinking too so this expensive product turns out to be just meh for me.

a couple of arm swatches:

size: 2.8 mL (full size!; accident: x 2)
retail value: $35

5) Blinc Eyeliner in "Black" - honestly if this was not a makeup product, i'd probably be unhappy that i got another duplicate from the June 2012 box. BUT it is the blinc eyeliner so yay. click on the link for my previous review and detailed pictures.
size: 0.7 g
retail value: $26 (6 g)

BB5 is really picking it up these months and they're gaining more and more fans. i finally got an email back from them today in regards to my missing product in the July's box. if they could improve their customer response time, then i'm sure they will be here for the long haul.
oh and the box came with a discount code for Ellis Faas products and a gift certificate for Ferro Cosmetics :)

i am still two boxes behind!! think i can go for 7 consecutive days of blogging??


  1. Yes, you can go for 7 days!! Oh, so we got the same box! I just got my Luxe Box today and I'll have a post probably in Friday, but as much as I liked it, if I hadn't known that other ppl received a full size Marcelle BB Cream I would have been more pleased with what I got...I want to see you what you got in yours!

    1. i couldn't do it!!!
      i didn't have enough time to get swatches before the sun went down today.

      and i feel EXACTLY the same way about the luxe box. i was alright with it but once i saw what everyone else was getting - china glazes, benefit products, eyeko eyeliner and that full size bb cream - man oh man!! so jealous!!!

  2. Same box too! I'm putting my post up right now - I agree with you about the lipstick being a bit better as a stain. You always have such great and thorough reviews :)

    1. why thank you so much!!!

      i did a google search to see if getting doubles was common but it only seemed to happen to the Canadians - perhaps someone felt a little generous when packing our boxes. haha :)

  3. Got the same box as well! Still got to gt my post up though ! I will shortly! I am pretty happy with it though !! <3

    1. it seems that many people are happy with it this month. i hope BB5 keeps it up! :)


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