Thursday, September 20, 2012

REVIEW: Essence Lipstick in "Like a Lady"

i really enjoy checking out the Essence makeup stand at Shoppers every time i am there, just to see what kind of (affordable) impulse purchases i could make.

the current line of lipsticks include 10 shades, 3 of which are new. i am guessing the 3 Essence is introducing means that a few shades would no longer be available. which meant that i could pick up the Essence Lipstick in "49 Like a Lady" at $1.99 instead of the usual $2.99. hurry if you want to pick up this color!

what's handy about Essence lipsticks is that the packaging is the same color as the lipstick. with "Like a Lady", it is very accurate - both are a very bold and bright pink. if you look at it directly in the light, you can actually see some very subtle blue and orange shimmers.
the lipstick smells delicious - i have lipglosses that smell sweet like this (vanilla?) but not usually lipsticks. it reminds me of my teen years with Bonne Bell (i actually still own a couple of their products).

this is how much product you actually get (4 g):

it applies very smoothly to the lips - no tugging whatsoever. the color payoff is good - slightly on the sheer side with a glossy finish. it actually looks a bit more intense than shown below - but still, not as bold as the lipstick color itself. my lips felt hydrated the entire time i was wearing it (lasted over 3 hours but transfers easily).
top to bottom: artificial lighting; natural lighting

i am continually amazed that Essence lip products are all less than $3 each. i am definitely going to pick up a few more even though one look at my lip products stash would have you wondering why i even bothered to buy the last thirty.



  1. I used to lovvvvvvvvve bonne bell, I remember nagging my mom to purchase more chap sticks for me as a kid, I was all about the lip smacker!

    1. haha i know hey! they all smelled so sweet and delicious!

  2. I love my Essence lipstick and was also impressed with how hydrated my lips felt! Picture of lip stash!! I'll show you mine, if you show me yours ;-)

  3. I am really liking Essence products so far.. have tried Lipstick, Concealer, Nail Polish & Powder. All have been super considering the price. Though as I makeup artist.. I know all the tricks & inside stuff. I used to buy only High end makeup until I worked in the field. High End products you are really paying for the packaging , marketing & the name. yes.. I do have my fav high end products still though I save on other items.

    1. yes it's a good idea not to overlook the cheaper items because it doesn't necessarily mean the quality is worse.
      i am thinking of picking up some Essence concealer! do you have the 3 in 1 or the coverstick?


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