Wednesday, September 19, 2012

TOPBOX: September 2012

so i got this yesterday, which is a little late for Topbox.
upon first inspection, it seems that is also lighter than usual. the card is in a different format this month - the products are all listed on one side with an orange tab at the top (instead of the usual purple) and on the other side is an offer to get a Balenciaga Paris Cosmetic Pouch. now i've seen what the pouch looks like (thanks CityGirl) and it is absolutely adorable. trouble is, i am a bit of a... collector? hoarder? pretty much, i like to store all the product cards i get each month, arranged by beauty box and then sorted by month in a little expandable file folder. is that too weird to tell you guys??

so the problem is, once i redeem this pouch, i'd have to forfeit the card and then what? accept that there is now a gap in my system?... have i crossed the line of extreme weirdo yet? hahaha so yes that is an issue i'd have to figure out.

let's check out what's in the box, shall we?

September's samples:

1) Benefit They're Real! Beyond Mascara - ooooh exciting!! i am always eager to try mascaras that claim to give you the false eyelashes effect. i have a lot of mascaras to go through but i am putting this next on my list!
size: 3.0 g
retail value: $29 (8.5 g)

2) Balenciaga Paris L'Essence Eau De Parfum - so for starters, not a good sign when it says on the box "Free Sample". this sample comes in a long tube with a ball top. sadly, it has that particular scent (perhaps that is what they call "leathery" on the card?) that just induces a headache for me and reminds me of fancy old ladies. not a fan.
size: 4 mL
retail value: $110 (50 mL); $150 (75 mL)

3) philosophy purity made simple 3-in-1 cleanser for face and eyes - now called the one-step facial cleanser. this is a cleanser that feels really gentle on the skin. the scent is light and clean. it is said to remove eye makeup and it does work but i always find it weird using a cleanser like this near my eyes. it doesn't sting but i feel like it gets guck (guck = makeup residue) in my eyes.
size: 30 mL
retail value: $13 (90 mL); $26 (240 mL)

4) M. Asam Perfect Teint - i received a similarly packaged M. Asam Magic Fini in a previous Glymm box. i really liked how smooth it was and this one is also very fluffy. and they smell the same too. i tried to look this product up and only found Perfect Teint II to be available. perhaps they are phasing out the version we just got?
it is to be used to fill in wrinkles and pores, leaving behind a matte finish. on the card it says that this product is described as a primer, but a pdf from says you can use it after you have applied your makeup. a little goes a very long way - even the amount i have on my finger was a little too much.
i have seem M. Asam products at much lower prices at Winners if you are interested.
size: 5 mL
retail value: $42 (50 mL)

so everything seems to be a bit on the smaller side this month, and plus there are no bonuses so in comparison with previous boxes, it may seem disappointing. but there are a couple of great products in here - most noteworthy, a Benefit mascara. Topbox doesn't usually include fragrances (aside from last month), but when they do, they avoid the super tiny vials. still, not impressed by the "Free Sample" noted on the side.

did anyone get anything different in this month's Topbox?

-- update September 22, 2012 -- i went to Holt Renfrew yesterday, after listening to the many ladies that commented and just photocopied the card. it is definitely worth picking up the pouch. i have seen two different versions of this - like i mentioned earlier in my post,  CityGirl's version (drawstring pouch) and the one i got. it came in a fancy box that was wrapped in plastic. the pouch itself was also wrapped in tissue.

mine has two zippers - you can probably use it for storing cards and maybe a lipstick or two. the little zippered pocket can be used for change. it looks smaller than CityGirl's. for all you Calgarians, this is the version i got from The Core downtown. --


  1. While I don't have my card in a little accordion folder or anything, I did keep all my Topbox cards from the first box I received. That being said, while I know it's not the same, why don't you take a photocopy of the card?

    My box was slightly different: Got Vasanti instead of Philosophy and Calvin Klein's ENCOUNTER instead of Balenciaga. The box on mine does say "sample", however it's a 15ml sample - one that would cost $20.

    You can check out my box here:

    1. thanks for the suggestion samantha. i saw the size of the CK ENCOUNTER and it's pretty big!

  2. Score on the benefit mascara! I start my topbox sub next month :)

    1. yes - the mascara is the highlight of the box. hooray for you!

  3. I would agree with Samantha's suggestion, take a photocopy of the front and back of the card and then get your gift. I picked mine up today and it's even cuter in person than it is in a picture.

    1. eep! i will have to do so! i've seen that there was another version of the pouch - which one did you get?

  4. You keep your product cards? Wow! Once I type it up, I throw them into the recycling right away! I can see why you would keep them though because I have been tempted to as well.

    1. haha yes i do! it's the hoarder in me. but then i put them in a folder, so i'd call myself an organized hoarder :)

  5. we got the same things!


    heres my review:

  6. We got the same things! I couldn't find the information for the M. Asam primer either. Why give a sample if it's discontinued?

    1. yeah quite strange - perhaps they were trying to just get rid of the samples then? :/

  7. I agree with Samantha, do a copy of the card :) Cosmolane ( Perfect teint - where did you find the second version?

    1. i found Perfect Teint II on the m. asam website ( and the HSN site, which they use to sell their products

  8. It was a good call to get the bag I think. I didn't think about the photocopying option. Not a bad little bag!


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