Saturday, September 01, 2012

TOPBOX: August 2012

yes yes i know it is September 1st but i have fallen a bit behind my beauty box posts since i left for LA. plus Topbox shipped slightly later than usual last month.
AHHH SEPTEMBER! this month has come too soon. boo :(

so i am going to get straight into this one since i'm sure you've read plenty of unboxing posts by now. August`s Topbox was jammed pack with stuff - when i took it all out, i was amazed how it all fit in that tube.

August's samples included:

1) Chloé L'Eau de Chloé Perfumed Body Lotion - super cute packaging!! although it doesn't really help with getting the lotion out of the bottle... the scent is a nice floral but if i put on too much, it will give me a headache. i never find perfumed body lotions very moisturizing and this one isn't any different since their main purpose is to leave a scent on your skin. such body lotion can be used to accentuate the scent of a perfume and make the scent last longer when you wear them together.
size: 30 mL
retail value: $60 (200 mL)

2) Kellett Skincare Moisturizing Gel - the semi-transparent gel feels very lightweight against your skin. i can detect the slightest hint of a scent to this. the bottle is silver and very sleek. it is quite an expensive product though! this sample alone is worth $9.50.
size: 10 mL
retail value: $95 (50 mL)

3) Marc Jacobs Dot Marc Jacobs Eau de Parfum - ahhh even cuter!! so much detail went into this ladybug bottle. are perfume samples usually this adorable? and it also smells good! floral but citrus-y. i don't think i love it enough to add it to my collection though. this sample is not a spray; you can only dab it on.

my sister owns Daisy by Marc Jacobs and i thought i'd compare the two bottles:

size: 4 mL
retail value: $79 (50 mL); $105 (100 mL)

4) Expression Round Crease Brush - this is the second Expression brush that Topbox has sent out. like the previous one, the bristles are very soft. like its' name, it works really well on the crease. my eyeshadow went on pigmented and i didn't have any fallout - this also depends on the quality of the eyeshadow itself though.
size: 1 brush (full size!)
retail value: $16

5) *bonus* Pink Wipes - i had an idea of what this was for but nothing on the packet tells you specifically, it just  says "wipe desired area". but the Topbox card is a little more helpful, calling it a "feminine wipe". guess it can be handy for summer!
size: 1 wipe
retail value: $12 (15 wipes)

6) *bonus* Nexxus Therappe Luxurious Hydrating Shampoo & Humectress Ultimate Hydrating Conditioner -  just in case you were wondering, they are both part of the signature line and are intended to be used together (in case you were slightly confused about the words Therappe and Humectress like i was). both of these hair products smell good - the Therappe shampoo smells like coconuts while the Humectress conditioner smells like spring flowers. both are generous sizes of hair samples. i felt that it made my hair nice and soft but nothing extraordinary just yet.
size: 89 mL each
retail value: $9.99 (400 mL) each according to (shampoo)

so i liked August's Topbox but i didn't absolutely love it. the items are all great sample sizes which Topbox never fails to provide - especially in terms of perfume and shampoo/conditioner samples. i'm glad i got this post out of the way since Topbox should start shipping September's box in a little over a week!


  1. LOL, I think the Pink Wipes would work for your face too! What is up with that Chloe body lotion?! From the reviews I've seen, it's given everyone a headache!

    1. they probably could!
      and i guess the Chloe lotion may be too much because i use it on my hands so every time i wave my hands around or touch my face, i can smell it.

  2. I get to start my topbox sub in October so I can't wait :)


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