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GLOSSYBOX: August 2012

August's Glossybox arrived on September 4 (surprise, surprise).
seems like there are a few versions out there - i've seen people get nail polishes, satin powders or 2 lipsticks.  i myself got V6 (eyeliner!). this month, the version is noted on the bottom right hand corner of the card instead of on the shipping box label.

August's sample list:

1) Sebastian Potion 9 Lite Treatment Styler - so i usually do not invest a lot of my money in hair products - other than shampoo and conditioners, all i really buy are hairsprays or hair mousse. ever since i subscribed to the beauty boxes, i've had an exponential increase in other hair products such as dry shampoo, hair masks and this Sebastian product... wait, what does a treatment styler actually do??
according to the directions, it is to be used "anytime to boost your style". that doesn't really tell me much either.
i sprayed it on today and all i seem to get is some nice-smelling hair and some added texture. 
size: 50 mL
retail value: $20.95 (150 mL)

2) Bioré Make-up Removing Towelettes - speaking of types of products that have been growing exponentially, this is another good example. since i have so many different cleansing wipes/makeup removers now,  i don't think i will have to buy anymore for the next two years. 
size: 10 towelettes (full size!-ish)
retail value: $$14.99 (60 towelettes); $9.99 (30); $3.99 (10)

3) Kryolan for Glossybox Lipstick in "Glossy Pink" - i have no idea who Kryolan is but this is a cute lipstick! i think it's adorable how they named it "Glossy Pink" - it is not the same light pink as the signature Glossybox color but a more wearable version.
... until you put it on that is. it actually turns out to be a very pigmented pink with a slightly blue undertone. when i wore it today, it definitely was the focal point on my face. very eye-catching. it's not a pink i usually wear but i think i might start. it also lasts a decent amount of time - approximately 5 hours - and feels moisturizing.

see below for arm swatches!
size: 4 g (full size!)
retail value: N/A - special edition; available only for Glossybox members (a regular Kryolan lipstick retails for $16.99)

4) Layla Glitter in Eyeliner in "#8" - i am glad that there are two makeup products this month! this eyeliner is a soft black loaded with gold glitter. i have a few glitter eyeliners lying here and there but i hardly ever reach for them since i prefer an intense black. but perhaps i could wear it on top of a black eyeliner to make it darker. or just wear it on on days i need a little extra sparkle.
the liquid eyeliner is applied with a thin brush which requires a steadier hand. i find that glitter eyeliners have an odd smell to them and this one does too. don't sniff your eyeliner.

size: 6 mL (full size!)
retail value: $12.99

5) Befine Fine Food Skin Care - the box itself was already very appealing - there are pictures of coconuts and chocolate so i was already thinking that whatever skin care item it was, it was going to be delicious!
i was really excited to find that there were skin care items - 5 of them in fact. they are all natural and say "single serve" but the packets seem large enough for more than 1 use.

the 5 packets are:
* Exfoliating Cleanser (sweet almond)
* Gentle Cleanser (mint)
* Night Cream (yum cocoa!)
* Pore Refining Treatment Scrub (coconut!)
* Warming Clay Mask (mmm pomegranate!)

i really like how they sent like the whole skin care system. it's nice that i can test them all out at once and see how they work together.
the box also contained a 20% off promo code. shipping outside the U.S. is $20 (eep!). 
size: mask packet @ 14 g; all other packets @ 10 mL
retail value:
   US$24 for Exfoliating Cleanser (120 mL) / Gentle Cleanser (100 mL) / Pore Refining Scrub Treatment         (90 mL)
   US$30 for Night Cream (50 mL)
   US$25 for Warming Clay Mask (150 mL)
   or US$2 per individual packet!

6) *bonus* Trend Trunk Mystery Gift Card - interesting. the only way to find out how much you have on your card (ranging from $5 to $250, so probably $5) is to register. aaaaaaand i just did and yep, $5. so basically how it works is that you can sell your unwanted items online.  Trend Trunk has partnered with Canada Post so once you sell something, they will email you a pre-paid Expresspost shipping label that doesn't cost you (the seller) anything. the buyer has to pay $8 for shipping though. for their services, Trend Trunk takes 20% of your profit.
it might be a good idea for me since i own way way too many clothes. i often go through my closet and be like "when did i get this??". 
size: 1 gift card
retail value: $5-$250

7) *bonus* Elastoplast SOS Blister Bandage - this could have been SO useful on my L.A. trip. it's actually a pretty gross story. we were shopping at a mall in Koreatown and i ran my foot into one of those metal clothing racks. i winced from the pain but didn't think twice about it (i am a very focused shopper). when i gathered up a few items and walked into the change room though, i felt something sticky underneath my foot (i was wearing flip-flops). and to my astonishment, it was my blood pooling between my foot and my flip-flop. there was a cut on my baby toe and it just kept bleeding non-stop for over 10 minutes - i didn't think the cut was that deep! it was pretty scary though. we had to go down to the supermarket downstairs and buy some band-aids.
i know this Elastoplast is for blisters but it would've been the perfect size to cover my whole toe!
there's also a $2 off coupon inside the booklet.
size: 1 bandage
retail value: $5.99 (5 bandages)

i think it was a pretty good box overall - "most interesting product" goes to the Befine sample pack, "most likely to be used" goes to... hmm it's a toss-up between the lipstick and the eyeliner. both are products i use often - i hardly ever complain about makeup products in my beauty boxes.

what did you think of your Glossyboxes last month?
now onto my Luxe Box post! 


  1. The eyeliner looks fun! I also can't wait to use the Befine Fine Food products :)

  2. kyolan is an awesome stage makeup company.

  3. Oooh lucky! I use glitter eyeliner ALL THE TIME!! I got the mascara instead.

    1. yeah i was wondering if the mascara applied glittery as well!

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