Friday, September 21, 2012

POLISHED: Revlon Scented Nail Enamel in "Peach Smoothie"

so after a ton of bright colors and/or glitter, i thought i'd give my nails a little break from the nail polish remover and go with a nude color.
okay okay, a nude with shimmer. i couldn't help it! it is the Revlon Scented Nail Enamel (14.7 mL) in "345 Peach Smoothie". i got it at London Drugs for $_3.99_ (to be filled in!)

i quite like it - it's a nude that is slightly on the orange side. you don't really notice the shimmer unless you stare at it pretty hard so it is office-appropriate. but after a few days of wearing it, i must admit i miss my neons and glitter. maybe i'll throw a coat of glitter over top!

this took 3 coats and was a bit streaky. i think i need another coat for full opacity. being a scented polish was not a selling factor for me but it did pique my interest. needless to say, i can't smell any peach smoothies!
and oh my, this is embarrassing - i wasn't really careful with the cleanup. please disregard the mess and the smudge...

as for wear, i'm on my third day (without a topcoat) and there has been no chipping.
do you think that Revlon included the "Scented When Dry" sticker because too many people were sniffing the polishes? :)


  1. I was wondering how scented it was. It does look nice, as you say, office-appropriate!

  2. I like this shade! I have a couple of the scented nail polishes, one of them smells like grape *love* it !

  3. Oh I totally think people were getting high of the polish! My Color Club scented polishes still smell through topcoat which is pretty impressive!

    1. lol - i keep seeing Color Club sets at Winners and i want to buy several of them!! i did purchase a mini set with tons of holographic glitter - which i actually put on today!
      i am having trouble photographing it though, can't quite capture the holographic-ness - how do you do it? perhaps i just need a better camera


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